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General conditions for reservation and purchase of services
Any reservation made will be considered as your intention to purchase a particular tourist product or service. If your request / reservation is compliant, it will be accepted, and you will receive a confirmation email from World Incoming Europe SRL. The contract of commercialization of the packages of tourist services and the travel documents will be transmitted by the sales consultants of the company. All the tourist services displayed on the site can be reserved on request, depending on the availability of our partners (hoteliers and / or transport operators). The terms and conditions of our partners who will provide the services you purchase, will apply. The terms of our partners may include provisions regarding different payment procedures, obligations, cancellations, changes of reservations and refunds of money (if any) or restrictions of another nature. World Incoming Europe SRL is not responsible for the costs that may arise when transferring from one airport / terminal to another. Also some hotels may collect different local taxes.

Cancellations / Modification
The cancellation or modification of the reserved or purchased service will be made according to the Terms and Conditions of each Supplier / partner. If you wish to cancel or modify a reserved or purchased service, it is your responsibility to inform World Incoming Europe SRL in writing or by telephone about your intentions. In some cases you may not be able to cancel / modify certain tourist services or you will have to comply with certain requirements for these actions. World Incoming Europe SRL or the Supplier accepts all forms of written requests . In the event of changing a reservation (including, but not limited to: cancellations, refunds, name changes), World Incoming Europe SRL reserves the right to apply certain taxes to cover the administrative costs that may result from this action. These fees differ from those imposed directly by the Supplier.

The payment

Depending on the terms and conditions imposed by the hotels, at the time of booking you may be asked for the full or partial payment of the reserved service, and the payment will be made in the account World Incoming Europe SRL. World Incoming Europe SRL assumes no obligation to issue tickets, vouchers or other travel documents in case of non-payment of the ordered services. In any case, you are responsible for the payment of the amounts related to the ordered tourist services. World Incoming Europe SRL reserves the right to charge additional fees (or commissions) that may appear at the time of booking. In this case you will be informed of the applicable fees.